Founders and Former Principal


Founder Secretary:

Mr. Mohammed Ghousuddin 1978 to 1994


Founder Principal:

Mrs. Jameela Shariff 1978 to 1988


Former Principal :

Mrs. Ayesha Salma 1988 to 2011

Current Management


Secretary : Mr. Fowzi M Syed

Principal: Mrs. Jaya Surendranath


Vice-Prinicpal: Mrs. N. Reema Ahmed

A Brief History

A long cherished dream of Mr. M. Ghousuddin and Mrs. Jameela Ghousuddin became a reality in the year 1978, in form of “The Kenmore School” Kenmore has truly come a long way from its initial strength of just 7 students.


Mr. Ghousuddin, a very honest, soft-spoken gentleman, was the Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes. Mrs. Jamila Ghousuddin, an immensely talented and enterprising lady, came from a highly educated and cultured family. Her grandfather Mr.Zahiruddin Mecci, whose name is listed in ‘The Cyclopedia of India’ vol. III, 1909, held numerous prestigious posts, one of thee being the inspector General of Police under the King of Mysore. Mr.Mahmud Sheriff, her father, a successful advocate of his time, was elected Minister of Public Health and Education in the first ministry of free India. He also held several other esteemed posts. Mrs. Akhila Begum, the first Muslim lady to have English education and also the first lady representative assembly member, a poetess and a revolutionary, was Mrs.Jamila’s mother.


On this solid foundation of illustrious members of the family serving the State as public servants, Kenmore School was built. Mrs. Jamila served as principal for 10 years. Soon after her demise in June 1988, her daughter Mrs. Ayesha Salma succeeded her. Kenmore saw tremendous  change under her leadership of 23 years.

Our Philosophy

What sets us apart from other schools is that we are truly a home away from home. The 'teachers here are not instructors but second mothers' as one student put it.  Our students confidently walk in and meet the principal to discuss their views, ideas or just share their feelings. Parents are welcome any time to meet the principal or teacher and inquire about their child's progress.


MISSION: To provide a caring, nurturing, humane environment that ensures holistic development of every child through effective teaching and learning.

Our Goals
  • Provide a unique culture to help the students stand out in a crowd 

  • Help students develop a good Emotional Quotient

  • Develop effective communication skills to enhance inter-personal relations

  • Stimulate critical and creative thinking among students

  • Strengthen family-school relationship

  • Develop skills for value clarification

  • provide the students with a ‘home away from home

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