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Class 8 - Social Science

Test starts today at 3:00 p.m.

Class 8 - English

Test finished on 23 Mar

Class 9 - Science

Test starts today at 3:00 p.m.

Class 9 - English

Test finished on 23 Mar


  1. The assessment test will be of multiple choice questions only.

  2. Each test will consist of 40 questions and will be for a total of 40 marks.

  3. The moment you click on 'Start' button on the next page, the question paper will open and the timer will start.

  4. The time limit is 20 minutes to complete each test. 

  5. If the timer runs out before you submit, it will auto-submit with the questions you have answered.

  6. Log in using your either of the parents' mobile number registered in the school.

  7. In case of twins or siblings one student can log in with mother's mobile number and the other student can log in with father's mobile number.

  8. Each student can log in only once per test with one mobile number. If you do the test twice with two different mobile numbers, only the first attempt will be counted.

  9. Feel free to contact the Secretary or the Coordinator @ 9901501185 or 8105811019 for any clarification.

  10. All the best. Do well.

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