The medium of instruction is English.


The syllabus is State Board prescribed. However, up to Std. VII extra books (ICSE/CBSE) are also included within the syllabus.


This is to provide a good foundation and also to facilitate children of Bank employees or frequently transferred professionals who may seek admission in ICSE/CBSE schools.


Second language is Kannada which is introduced from Std. I onwards. Third language is Hindi which is introduced from Std. V onwards.


The school is happy to be associated with Educomp Smartclass. Children now learn in a state of the art environment. 



We have a team of concerned, committed and well-trained staff under the leadership of an able administration. We also have consultants who visit the school regularly for ‘hands-on training’.



Asserting the importance of sports and games for students, it is important for the school management to promote sports along with academics while providing more time in the student’s regular time-table for drill session for a particular purpose of learning sports and games.


Students participate in various games and sports to navigate well in their respective careers. “Indulging in sports activity is required for overall wellbeing and the building of a healthy body. Sport meets would help students in keeping fresh their minds.


Sports and games are the best place for inculcating team spirit and participation is more important than winning or losing. The school is a perfect integration of academics and sports. Sports cannot be in isolated from academics and sports are the stepping stone for students to excel in studies.

Intellectual Programs

It is clear evidence from psychological experiments that practicing retrieval of something after learning it, for instance by taking a quiz or test, makes you more likely to retain it for the long term. It helps students to learn more and essentially it reduces forgetting which makes the next related study area more productive.


The programs produces better organization of knowledge by helping the brain organize material in clusters to allow better retrieval, improving the transfer of knowledge to new contexts. There are several experiments referenced in the paper where tests and quizzes help transfer and application of knowledge.


It improves metacognitive monitoring – by giving students scores or self-assessments, they can better predict their knowledge and be more confident about what they know and what they need to know, encouraging students to study. Having frequent quizzes and tests motivates study and reduces procrastination.


The Kenmore Quiz


The Kenmore Quiz

organised by the Kenmore

School in Bengaluru.



Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement. Young people who participate regularly in arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate.

As we live in an increasingly diverse society, the images of different groups in the media may also present mixed messages. If a child is playing with a toy that suggests a racist meaning, part of that meaning develops because of the aesthetics of the toy—the color, shape, texture. Teaching children to recognize the choices an artist or designer makes in portraying a subject helps kids understand the concept that what they see may be someone’s interpretation of reality.

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